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This Data sheet contains 2 chapters. Chapter 1. Product Overview ... ADM5120 is a high performance, highly integrated, and highly flexible SOC (System- ...

datasheet. Access Point. PCBA Board with. 1 X miniPCI slot. Infineon ADM5120. CPU with 175MHz. Processor. Integrated. IEEE802.3af Power. Over Ethernet ...

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ADM5120. HOME GATEWAY CONTROLLER. Datasheet. Version 1.14. ADMtek . Information in this document is provided in connection with ADMtek products. ...

ADM5120. Interface DescriptionPin Description by Function. Data Sheet. 12. Rev. 1.1, 2005-03-30. 2. Interface Description. 2.1. Pin Description by Function ...

comp.os.linux.embedded: Linux on Admtek ADM5120
ADM5120 datasheet:.−1.14−22Dec03.pdf. Russian page about device similar to mine: ...

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ADMtek ADM5120 (MIPS R4000 175MHz). Super I/O. Attansic AT761F. Flash. 2 MB NOR Flash. RAM. 16 MB SDRAM. Printer Ports. USB 1.1 x 2 + DB-25 x 1. LAN Port ...

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Processor: ADM5120 SOC. Operating System: Linux. 64 MB SDRAM. 32 MB flash memory. Hard Disk : Embedded one IDE HD with 80/120/200 GB ... - free semiconductor datasheet catalog and search engine

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